Roche is a Swiss multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. This content was developed for Roche’s annual IT department conference.



This event was very special in the sense that all the attendees were from the same department and they all work in the same building. As they do this event to reinforce their relationship, inspire new ideas and open new horizons for work approach, they decided that Ain TheMachine had the perfect profile for it.

Based in these keys, we designed a live show where first Ain TheMachine would surprise them by making music with the elements of their daily office, already to provide an example of different approaches to your work. But it didn’t finished there, after this intro, Ain TheMachine invited them to look under their seats, where they found a bag with an object in. We prepared 15 different kinds of objects with the intention of creating a daily life orchestra. After teaching the 250 attendees how to make music with their object, we all played together. Some attendees were even invited to come up on the stage to sing and rap.

All the process were recorded in audio, that I mixed all together after the end of the show and they could listen their song before the end of the event.



This was a custom made song composed especially for the occasion, using the sounds and objects of their office. The chorus, where you see this group of people singing, was recorded very spontaneously. I opened the door to the coffee room and they were having a coffee break, so I couldn’t lose the opportunity of having them in the video.