ModDuo is a revolutionary stompbox that allows you to make music with anything, even without a musical instrument. Ain TheMachine as endorser of ModDevices went to MusikMesse (Frankfurt) to present the new ModDuo.



Considering that Musikmesse is the biggest music fair in Europe and MOD is a stompbox that allows you to make music with everything, we found it interesting to center our message in a world without musical instruments. We’ve asked the participants to describe a world without musical instruments and how they would make music in this hypothetical world. The reactions and answers were very funny, which made for an entertaining story.



The idea with the music was to have a cheer up feeling with an easy melody to sing as the ambience was very noise and people’s attention very short. The chorus “Do It in The Beat” came to my mind in the train on the way to Frankfurt, while I was imagining the way people would interact with the song, like “it doesn’t matter what you gonna do, just do it in the beat!”.