Electronic music as you have never seen

“Ain TheMachine is without doubt one of the most unique and creative producers that we have had the pleasure of discovering, with a production arsenal that includes no more than himself, a few random objects and Ableton Live.”


They say that about me because I do electronic music, but instead of drum machines, I use my body and random objects to create fresh beats. Rather than synthesisers, I use the voice to create bass-lines, pads and melodies among other insane sounds.


“With the help of technology, Ain TheMachine transforms his entire surroundings into full-fledged dance numbers. This unique technique has led Ain TheMachine to share his vision in 4 TEDx Talks in 3 different countries. His journey as a musician, composer and music producer has taken him on to becoming a Latin Grammy nominee. He has toured four continents, played with Bobby McFerrin, Prince‚Äôs guitarist Miko Weaver and had his productions remixed by Mad Professor.”

Stay tuned!

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