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Ain TheMachine Games – Concept

Ain TheMachine Games Live in TEDx Insead


Part live show, part interactive audiovisual installation, the Ain TheMachine Games format takes audience participation to an exciting new level.

Demonstrating that music is accessible to everyone, Ain makes your audience active participants in a unique audiovisual performance.

With the help of technology, he transforms everyday objects and human actions into audiovisual controllers.

Two people clapping hands triggers a percussion loop, touching a toy robot triggers a vocal sample, three people dancing together triggers a visual live on screen.

Audience members are brought on stage and use these items to create the music.

Those remaining in the crowd are also given objects to use as instruments.

The result is a wildly unique experience that gets people out of their comfort zone in a joyful way.

Ain can develop a show with his own content or build a completely customised show to match the theme of your brand or event.

From the visuals to the objects used to make music, you can offer your audience a completely customised, interactive experience to reinforce the message of your event.

The Ain TheMachine Games format is a truly interactive audiovisual performance and a fantastic way to involve your audience in your brand message.


What’s Involved
  • 30 minute fully interactive live audiovisual live show
  • Pre-supplied objects and show design OR customised to match your theme
  • Live interaction with the audience


  • Creates a vivid impression on your audience that stays in their top of mind
  • Give your audience a fascinating way to engage with products or brand message
  • Create a fun, dynamic environment that gets your audience out of their comfort zone

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