Ain TheMachine in The Kitchen

Ain TheMachine in The Cocktail Room

Live in Madrid Fusion

Overview – Ain TheMachine in The Kitchen

The AudioGastronomic show is a live cooking show with a twist.

Audiences are treated to a rich sensory experience transforming the sounds of cooking into a live song and the ingredients into a delicious three course meal for the audience.

Perfect for VIP areas, special guest receptions or gastronomy events, the 20 minute AudioGastronomic show hits all the senses in a totally innovative way.

Make a lasting impression on your audience at your next event.


Overview – Ain TheMachine in The Cocktail Room

If you are looking for a more refreshing version of the AudioGastronomic live show, the Cocktail Mix live show is for you.

Ain and his cocktail mixer extraordinaire partner live mix cocktails and music for all audience members.

Treat your VIPs to a live cocktail of music that they will never forget.


What’s Involved
  • Musical cooking and/or cocktail show
  • 25 minute live performance
  • 3 course meal (entree, main, dessert) or 3 cocktails
  • Live interaction with the audience


  • Engage your audience with a rich multi sensory experience
  • Associate your event with innovation
  • A unique and remarkable experience your event attendees will talk about

Stay tuned!

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