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Made for Telefonica Foundation

Made for Bosch/Siemens

Made for Maxwell Render


What if your products were transformed into musical instruments?

In the Custom Brand Video format, Ain TheMachine will make your products and brand message the star of the video.

Unique & engaging, the Custom Brand Video format uses music to connect with your audience in a creative and refreshing way.

Your custom song and video can be used to bring attention to a new product range, engage your audience on social media or even to launch internal initiatives.

By applying his Musica Biotronica concept to your brand and products, Ain creates a custom made song and video with your brand and message at the centre.

By transforming the sounds of your products into music, Ain manages to redefine the relationship people have with them.


What’s Involved
  • 2:35 minute music video with your brand / products as the instruments
  • Custom made song you can use for multiple purposes
  • Consultation to match your brief, goals and objectives


  • Connect with your audience in a unique and memorable way
  • Engaging content you can use in many contexts
  • Use music to get your brand message across

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