Custom Made Show

Made for Google

Made for Guggenheim Museum

Made for PhoneHouse


If you’ve ever wondered how your concept could be imagined through music & visuals, the Custom Made Show is for you.

Great for product launches, events and conferences, it allows you to reinforce your key message in an entertaining and effective way.

Ain works closely with you to understand your communication goals and then prepares a multimedia performance that brings it to life.

In this custom performance, Ain will transform your message into an impressive audio visual performance tailor made to meet your goals and objectives.

As with all Ain TheMachine formats, sound is created with only body, voice and daily objects and of course, your products will be the star of the show.


What’s Involved
  • Your products highlighted in a spectacular live performance
  • 5 to 15 minute custom live show made exclusively for your branded message
  • Custom made sounds and visuals to bring your concept to life


  • Get your key message across in an effective and memorable way
  • Stand out from the crowd and do something your audience will connect with
  • Make a memorable and lasting impression on your audience

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