BNP Paribas (Soft interaction) (Medium interaction)

eMerge Americas (Full interaction)


Share the essence and energy of your next event with Ain TheMachine’s innovative Video-Song format.

Armed with a camera and microphone, Ain interviews your attendees and captures the sounds of your event.

He transforms all this into music, complete with a captivating video that embodies the core concept of your event.

Using music to break down barriers between attendees, sponsors and speakers, Ain works closely with you to understand your goals and objectives.

He turns this into interview questions to the audience that generate responses which turn your audience into ambassadors for your message.

There’s 3 levels of crowd interaction, depending on the type of your event or attendees, you can choose between:

Soft  – recommended for brief events or situation where attendees are very busy, like a hackathon.

Medium – recommended for events who wants doses of innovation in its film.

Full – for events who really searches for disruption, break down barriers between the attendees and have a very entertained and original after movie.

Featuring heavily in the video, your audience become the voice of your message.


What’s Involved
  • 2:30 minute custom made video featuring event attendees, sponsors and speakers
  • Your event theme, concept or message brought to life through the voices of your audience
  • Custom made soundtrack for your video


  • Effective and engaging content for your event follow up campaign
  • Achieve great reach and exposure as attendees actively share the video they star in
  • Ultra fast delivery of video so you can share with your audience while it’s still fresh in their minds
  • Changes the dynamic and energy of your event with a fun and unexpected activity
  • Communicate your event message through the voices of your attendees, speakers and sponsors

Stay tuned!

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