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Created by Ain TheMachine, Musica Biotronica takes sounds from the body, voice and everyday objects, and with the help of technology, transforms them into electronic groove music.


Musica Biotronica was born from the relationship between organic sounds and synthetic process. Sounds from the body, voice and everyday objects transcend their ephemeral existence to become music.

It is this unique blend that challenges our relationship with music.

By removing traditional instruments and involving audiences in the creation of music, Ain seeks to challenge the limited beliefs many have towards music.

But making music with everyday sounds requires a scientific approach.

Which is why Ain continually experiments with recording techniques and digital processing settings to get the best sounds from the objects around us.

This also involves exploring the phonetics, articulation, and processing of the voice.

Similarly, turning a body into a drum kit requires Ain to experiment into how and where the body should be played, as well as how best to record the complex sounds. From layering vocals and pitches to adding subtle effects, technology plays an important part in transforming the nature of organic sound.

Ain believes that Musica Biotronica exposes us to the hidden magic of everyday life.

It gives us a way to paint musical portraits of the world around us.

Stay tuned!

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