The Open Stage Berlin documents Berlin’s thriving music scene. The aim: to capture the spirit of the people and the place that embody the soundtrack of our city, to promote musicians, and to provide a platform that showcases great Berlin music – all free of charge.​



The Open Stage Berlin project is about recording bands playing live their own repertoire in unused places of Berlin. ATM came up with the idea of interacting and using the environment as musical instrument, mixing all the sounds from the space with the song “Mas dlo Mismo”, from the album Time to Be a Machine. The video was recorded on the roof of Green House, a multicultural and multidisciplinary artist house with about 200 artists’ studios.



Based on the idea of playing with the rooftop, we realized that having audiovisual loops from the space in another time of the day would be interesting and enriching for the final video, this is why we decided to use the song “Mas dlo Mismo”, that talks about repetitions in our daily life represented by music loops.


The Open Stage Berlin

Time to Be a Machine

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