#HowToMakeMusicWith is a series of fun tutorials, where in each episode the audience challenges Ain TheMachine to make music with a different object and music genre.

Using only the selected object, voice, body, and technology Ain TheMachine must reproduce a song with the chosen item and the selected music style, while at the same time sharing the process of creating Musica Biotronica.

The idea for #HowToMakeMusicWith is to take an everyday object that people can identify with, but wouldn’t think to connect it to music.


For the first episode, Ain TheMachine’s audience challenged him to create EDM music with a bathtub.
Once EDM genre was selected, Ain TheMachine decided to make a cover of Avicii’s popular song, Levels.



EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, the most popular style inside the electronic music genre.
It could be consider the “pop” music of the electronic genre, with very catchy melodies interpreted by strong synthesizers, played on happy harmonic moods. Respecting these parameters, Ain TheMachine made a fun version of the super hit Levels using only a bathtub, his voice, and technology.

Fun fact: For the melody, ATM digitally processed a clay bird whistle to represent the “big sound synth” typically used in EDM music.