In May 1981 the music history would change forever and this month we are celebrating it!

The German band Kraftwerk, pioneers of music made with synthesizers and machines, released the album ComputerWorld creating an avalanche of reactions that gave birth to many new music styles and genres.

On the other side of the ocean, in America, Afrika Bambaataa would listen to this album and sample it creating what became the genre known as Electro, which would be a big influence on the creation of Hip Hop. 
In Detroit, this album would influence the creation of Techno music and in New York, it would influence the NY House music scene, just to name a few.



This May 2021, is the 40th birthday of the Computer World album. 
I had no other option than to pay tribute to it, so I made a cover of one of the most legendary songs: Pocket Calculator.
And to add more fun, I used a real Chinese pocket calculator to make the melody. Now I’m fluent in counting in Chinese 🙂
Besides, Lenny3000TV (an incredible maker) lent me his magic helmet that transforms live, faces into emojis or deep fakes, one of them being Ralf Hütter, the singer from Kraftwerk, of course. Curious? Check it out.

You can also listen to the song and save it to your favourites on Spotify, Soundcloud or you favourite music stream platform.

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I made an upbeat version of it, using a pocket calculator to play the melody and for the Chinese voice samples.

You can listen to this song on Spotify, Soundcloud or you favourite music stream platform.