U Right and U Know It is the second single of the album Naked on The Dance Floor.


“U Right and U Know It”, is an energetic, bright ride
of surprising samples and distinctive, trippy sounds. The video gives us a powerful insight into how
electronic dance music can be made using only the sounds from 1 body, 2 voices, 2 objects and 1 TB03.



The track begins with a rich chorus of vocals then quickly amps up the gears with a four-on-the-floor kick
made by recording hits to a contact mic on the chest. This creates a deep bass kick sound that gets the
song dancing. Using a strip of Velcro to create a persistent hi-hat and a pen on an empty pill bottle Ain
layers a landscape of lush sounds in often the most surprising ways.
We are invited into an assembly of surprising samples that Ain uses to create the entire beat. The TB-303
synth gives the track a psychedelic glimmer of spacey, wobbly echoes, bringing us into a bouncing club
feel. As the track quickly evolves we hear the vocals repeat the title of the track in our ears. The vocals
were recorded at a live show, where Ain placed a mic for audience members to sing when they felt
inspired. One audience member, Vita Mina, stood out, with a melody of buoyant, self-assured lyrics that
seem to encompass the overall vibe of the track.