Way to Nirvana is definitely the most powerful song in the album Time to Be a Machine.

Its energy comes from the anger about the way we are treating everything around us, ourselves, the planet, our neighbors, the animals… There is so many things to say that ATM ended up making an instrumental song. The name of the song comes from the thought ATM have that maybe the only way to get to balance is passing through the chaos and destruction.



The videoclip is a satire of the biggest fails of human beings. A compilation of internet videos, working as a reminder of what shouldn’t be repeated.



The song started from the “guitar” riff, then it came the main melody, which reminds a Nirvana song.

Unconsciously I wanted to make a tribute to Nirvana, I always connected, musically speaking, with the way Kurt showed his anger.

Tulipa Ruiz collaborated singing these raw vocals that brought the wildness necessary to generate the injustice feeling I had when I started the composition.

Time to Be a Machine